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How long will my commercial bounce house last?

by Backyard Play Store on November 23, 2020

Commercial bounce houses are designed with longevity in mind- they are custom designed with the most rigorous safety features and the highest quality materials to give long lasting success. Typically aimed at rental companies who see sustained, heavy use over long periods of time, commercial bounce houses stand up to the test. Whether furnishing big events or becoming a staple of a marquee area, commercial grade bounce houses are built to withstand it all.

Commercial grade bounce houses, though typically associated for use by children, are equally adept at accommodating teenagers and adults, a sight more frequent than many think! With this in mind, commercial bounce houses are designed to offer peace of mind across the board. Warranty typically extends to at least 3 years across a range of products and designs, affording long term support. Dry bounce houses can have a lifespan of at least 7 years, with commercial water slides expected to last a minimum of 5 years with regular maintenance.

There are a number of important safety reinforcements that make commercial bounce houses a step above the rest. With deep-layered stitching, durability is a key selling point to commercial grade bounce houses and brings a level of safety not present in the residential equivalent. With double stitching a minimum standard, it’s not uncommon to see triple and quadruple stitching to beef up the bounce house and extend the lifespan further, taking the complications of maintenance and repairs out of the equation.

When considering water slides, durability is another issue with a unique set of challenges, namely preventing water from compromising the consistency of the material. With industrial strength heat sealing tape lining the water slide, water is kept from getting into any of the internal components of the slide. Additionally, designers are always keen to offer customized requests that develop and enhance any existing parts of the bounce house, and a strong working relationship means that peace of mind is afforded when making the investment.

Essentially, a commercial grade bounce house brings a level of safety and durability that is backed by industry-leading manufacturing that is designed for day-to-day heavy use. With proper maintenance and care, the bounce house should be able to withstand significant use over a number of years, and there are custom design options available for every event. Certainly, when compared to residential bounce houses, the commercial grade is a cut above.

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